Our Heart Failure Therapy Solution

Dr Johannes Mueller, MD

Our Co-founder, Dr J. Mueller, is a highly decorated MD and recognized researcher

Medical observation noted over 20 years ago that failing hearts can actually recover.

  • In 1997, it was noticed for the first time that the heart of some patients having received an artificial heart started to recover allowing eventually for the artificial heart to be removed*.
  • These disruptive insights prompted an era of research in drug based myo-cardial recovery which proved to be unsuccessful.
  • Our Co-founder, Dr J. Mueller, recognized early on the potential of the microcurrent approach and has since pioneered the advances of reverse remodeling.

Source: Hetzer, Roland, MD, PhD, Johannes Müller, MD, Yuguo Weng, MD, Gerd Wallukat, PhD, Susanne Spiegelsberger, MD, Matthias Loebe, MD, PhD. Cardiac recovery in dilated cardiomyopathy by unloading with a left ventricular assist device. The Annals of Thoracic Surgery, Volume 68, Issue 2, 742 – 749.

Our Co-founder, Dr J. Mueller, is a highly decorated MD and recognized researcher:

And he is also a successful innovator:

BAROSTIM NEO nerve pacemaker
During his medical studies, Dr J. Mueller was involved in the development of a nerve pacemaker to treat patients with high blood pressure by electrically stimulating a branch of the vagus nerve. While this development was not pursued, it provided the idea for treating heart failure by stimulating the vagus nerve or the baroreceptor system.

MUSE first telemetric multi-sensor-implant worldwide
As a young practicing MD, Dr J. Mueller developed an implant that was able to monitor telemetrically patient ECG directly at the heart, making scheduled clinical monitoring superfluous. This was a very progressive and agreeable development for patients and doctors alike.

EXCOR (extracorporeal) and INCOR
(implantable cardiac assist) pumps

Soon after, Dr J. Mueller focused on replacing existing bulky, large, and heavy heart support pumps for patients with advanced heart failure with small and light pumps. This became the mission of Berlin Heart, founded in 1996, and later sold to the von Ströher Family Office in 2006.

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