Our Heart Failure Therapy Solution

ASAIO conference 2017 in Chicago

Berlin Heals invited to present C-MIC technology and pre-clinical results at ASAIO conference.

Berlin Heals was invited to present its C-MIC technology and pre-clinical results at the 63rd ASAIO conference which was held from June 21st to June 24th 2017 in Chicago.

The presentation took place after it was selected by a jury of members from the FDA Pediatric Device Consortia and was given before a large audience of specialists.

Dr. Johannes Müller presented the technology, the current development status as well preliminary results from ongoing pre-clinical studies that demonstrate the safety and efficacy of cardiac microcurrent application with C-MIC. The topic and the results were received with an overwhelmingly positive feedback and ultimately, Berlin Heals was awarded a price by the FDA within the ASAIO Pediatric Device Consortium panel with it’s respect to future innovative heart treatment.

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